Scenting Your Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils
I get a lot of emails asking about how to scent Smart Sheep wool dryer balls with essential oils and what kind of oils to use.  I recommend several brands including NOW foods (found on amazon), Doterra and Young Living.  The scents I recommend trying out first are lavender, lemon, tea tree, and orange.  

The easiest way to scent your dryer balls is to simply dab a few drops on 2-3 of the balls.  Let them dry for about an hour (or quick dry them alone in your dryer) and then toss them in with your laundry.  However, some people don't like this method because depending on the type of oil used, it may stain your balls.  (However, the dryer balls are still totally fine to use, they just may look funny.)  If you want to avoid oil stains on the balls, try injecting the oil inside by using a meat injector or syringe.

How often should you re-scent?  This depends a lot on the strength of oil used, and your personal preference, but generally I re-scent every 4-5 loads.  Hope your laundry will now be filled with wonderful, all-natural smells!
EARTH DAY celebration Sale!
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Celebrating 3,000 Amazon Reviews for Smart Sheep
Amazon reviews!  We are so excited to have hit over 3,000 positive reviews on amazon.  Thanks to our wonderful customers and their amazing support!  Here are some excerpts from our latest reviews:

I love these so much, I sent some to my sis for her birthday!
Love the idea, love the product!
These dryer balls are exactly what I was expecting. The price can't be beat I've seen them sell locally for 8 dollars a ball. I use these with a lot of our regular laundry but especially when drying our cloth diapers. They have cut down the drying time on our cloth diaper by 15-20 minutes!
I've used these in the dryer for about two weeks now, and they're fantastic. No more chasing dryer sheets, though I have to find an occasional rogue ball hiding in my sheets. I just leave them in the dryer. They do seem to make my clothes softer. I also add some essential oil to them for a little natural scent. Works for me!
--I like what I like gal
These work really well to keep static at bay without the use of harsh chemicals. I use only 3 so I shared the other 3 with my daughter and she loves them too. My dryer is close to my family room and these balls make very little noise. I once tried the rubber kind they sell at large housewares stores and they made such a loud racket I could not use them. I think I will buy some as gifts for people I care about.
--Amazon Customer